Fibromyalgia University

Fibromyalgia University is a membership website designed to educate and inform Fibromyalgia sufferers to aid in their recovery.

This section of the portal is filled with valuable information along with functional medicine concepts that have helped patients across the country.

Much of the content is available immediately and more is added on a regular basis.


Fibromyalgia University Education Center

This small one time fee will help keep this growing body of information available to the Fibromyalgia community & is a lifetime membership. This is a membership portal designed to educate people just like you and aid in their recovery from Fibromyalgia. We tear down the myths that keep recovery hidden from the people that need it the most. There are hours and hours of video instruction, PDF's and audio information. There is a quick start guide to kick start the recovery process. If you are determined to fight for your life and your health this resource is vital. Please share with others who are suffering!