The Chronic Pain Solution


Robotic  Laser Therapy



Dr Mark Dailey has brought the most advanced robotic laser technology to Oneonta Alabama.  This is a powerful tool to overcome both acute & chronic pain. It is safe & effective and FDA approaved

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Oneonta Laser Center

Home of the MLS Robotic Class 4 Laser

We are thrilled to bring this kind of Laser technology to the town of Oneonta to serve the community we live in and love

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Laser Therapy for Back, Shoulder & Knee Pain as Well as Hamstring Pull & Tennis Elbow

Several laser treatments reduce chronic  pain.

It reduces acute pain as well as heals at the cellular level

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More Unbelievable Patient Success Stories

Patented and FDA-cleared MLS® Laser Therapy technology provides:

  • Effective relief of pain and inflammation associated with a wide range of conditions
  • 85% to 90% efficacy rate
  • No risk from surgery or prescription painkillers
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This patient had chronic knee pain after an injury



This patient had neck pain & stiffness



Post surgical partial  knee replacement treatment

Sometimes you don't get complete pain relief after surgery and the laser helps to complete the healing process


This women struggled with foot pain and is now 95% better



Peripheral Neuropathy Specific Information

If you are suffering with peripherial neuropathy, this short video will give you hope and direction as you seek to get relief from the pain, burning, tingling & numbness associated with neuropathy. We use several non surgical & drugless approaches combined into one treatment protocol that has been proven to be clinically effective all over the country.


I'm Dr Mark Dailey

After graduating in 1996 with my doctorate degree in Chiropractic, I became certified in Functional Medicine with advanced education in functional endocrinology, functional blood chemistry, advanced thyroid function, as well as the brain & neurotransmitters and functional nutrition.

I am thrilled to be bringing this kind of advanced robotic laser technology to our community & can't wait to see our friends and neighbors take less drugs and have fewer surgeries. 

Please take some time to educate yourself on the many uses of this advanced technology and share it with a friend.