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7 Things to avoid if you have Fibromyalgia

7 Things to Avoid if you have Fibromyalgia… And How to Overcome This Syndrome

Have you ever felt like your medical doctor just doesn’t understand fibromyalgia? Do you ever long to be in less pain, have better quality of sleep and experience reduced gas and bloating?

Guess what? There is professional and dedicated help available, and the things you long for can become a reality. In fact, with the right diet, information guidance and support, you can and will recover from fibromyalgia. Read on to discover how... 

The Road to Recovery

Although you may be struggling with fibromyalgia, the disease doesn't have to take over your life. Dr. Mark Dailey is a chiropractic practitioner with a decade of experience with fibromyalgia patients, and he’s here to explain the steps you can take to overcome this syndrome.

“I got into this specialty when I realized that modern medicine was just not helping people with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia,” he explains. “I have advanced education an specialism in numerous chronic diseases and I believe that with the right information and the correct application of that information, any fibromyalgia sufferer can begin to chart their course to overcome it.” But how?

Before delving into the 7 things you should avoid if you have fibromyalgia, there are some other things you first need to know. Dr. Mark Dailey knows that fibromyalgia is not only linked to diet, it’s also related to toxicity and GI function. This means that while avoiding these 7 things will help – there’s so much more needed in order to carve your path to recover. So what are these things and why are they important? Keep reading to find out.

Gastrointestinal Dysfunction: What You Need to Know

Do you suffer from gastrointestinal dysfunction? This is one of the most common denominators Dr. Mark Dailey sees again and again with fibromyalgia patients. It’s important to understand that your gastrointestinal system is like a second brain - home to a number of important physiological functions.

Gastrointestinal dysfunction can disrupt these systems and can lead to issues such as:

·         Serotonin deficiency - this can lead to depression and a variety of other issues

·         Vitamin B deficiency

·         Affected thyroid function - this can cause hypothyroidism and symptoms like hair loss, thinning of the 1/3 of your eye brows, fatigue, constipation, being cold all the time, difficulty losing weight and a variety of other symptoms

·         Leaky gut syndrome - this allows larger than normal proteins to slip from the gut into the blood and causes the Immune system to attack the protein as if it was a foreign invader. This leads to systemic inflammation which causes symptoms like joint pain, muscle fatigue, general fatigue as well as brain fog

Does any of this sound familiar? Many of the symptoms you suffer with can stem either directly or indirectly from the GI system. So what about toxicity?

Toxicity: What You Need to Know

Imagine you are picking up a glass and filling it to the very brim with water. Picture the water has reached the point where it’s almost overflowing. Now imagine adding something as small as a BB into the glass, causing the water to overflow.

Dr. Mark Dailey looks at toxicity in a similar manner. If you as an individual have a high level of toxicity, exposure to even small toxic elements will cause your fibromyalgia symptoms to flare up.

It could be something simple like a smell, a food or even a skin cream. But because your level of toxicity is already so high it won’t take much to cause a flair up and make you feel bad.

“It’s time for you to lower the level of toxicity in your body,” Dr. Mark Dailey explains. “This is one of the goals I work on with my patients in clinical treatment, to lower toxicity and increase tolerance.” But then how about diet? What are the 7 things you should avoid if you have fibromyalgia?



7 Things to Avoid if You Have Fibromyalgia

#1 Aspartame

So what is aspartame? This artificial non-saccharide sweetener is in almost all diet products. However, it’s a neurotoxin, meaning it can send your brain cells into overdrive. To put that in another perspective, it literally excites your brain cells to death. Additionally, it can potentially cause memory loss and brain fog among other things.

#2 MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

MSG is a common seasoning or ‘flavor enhancer’, found in many foods, including Dorito chips, fast-food meals and most commonly, but not exclusively, in Asian foods. This sodium salt has received quite a bit of press over the years as a possible cause of many different health problems, from obesity to neurotoxicity. Look out for it, and cut it out of your diet.

#3 Sugar (Including High Fructose Corn Syrup and Simple Carbohydrates)

Many fibromyalgia sufferers claim to feel better when heavily refined sugar foods and drinks are eliminated from the diet. That’s because yeast loves sugar, and so ingesting sugar can cause a yeast overgrowth in the GI system. Sugar intake can also cause inflammation in the gut and brain, leaky gut, brain fog and hormone imbalances. This is a top thing to avoid.

#4 Caffeine

To put it simply, caffeine is bad for the brain. Why? It burns out the adrenal glands that producing cortisol; and too much cortisol contributes to leaky gut syndrome and adrenal fatigue. The good news? Eliminating caffeine greatly reduces body pain and can increase restful sleep in fibromyalgia sufferers.

#5 Gluten

Did you know that 70% of Caucasians have the gene that could cause them to be predisposed to gluten sensitivity? Found in wheat, barley, rye as well as potential cross contamination with other products, gluten can cause systemic inflammation, which leads to joint pain, fatigue and brain fog.

#6 Dairy

Dairy is particularly harsh on the digestive system. Foods such as milk and cheese are characterized in Chinese medicine as being ‘cloying’. This means they slow down and clog up the digestive system, resulting in diminished efficiency of the digestive system, with all the attendant problems. In addition, dairy can reduce the amount of nutrients that the body can absorb and result in increased fatigue, lethargy and pain. 

#7 Soy

Finally, soy can over activate the immune system which is especially bad for those suffering from an autoimmune disease. Many western food processors separate the soybean into two commodities - protein and oil. And unfortunately, there is nothing natural or safe about these products. Malnutrition, infertility and even cancer and heart disease are just some of the things linked to soy.

How to Become Free from Fibromyalgia

So now you know about toxicity, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and the 7 things to cut out of your life. This can help alleviate your fibromyalgia symptoms. But what else? How can you recover from the syndrome completely? Dr. Mark Dailey is offering a free consultation to sufferers called ‘The Freedom from Fibromyalgia’ consultation. This is a fantastic opportunity to lessen your joint and muscle aches, have clarity of thought, and chart your clear course to overcome fibromyalgia.

Dr. Mark Dailey has had great success with fibromyalgia patients for almost a decade. He has featured in the American wellness news and report magazine and been interviewed on American wellness radio. As the founder of fibromyalgia university and president of Birmingham functional medicine, he is the key to freeing yourself from fibromyalgia.

If you would like more information on the free ‘Freedom from Fibromyalgia’ consultation simply click the link below for more details.

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