Fibro Freedom Formula Masterclass

Discover the 3 step system that helps women Reduce Fibro Flares, Fatigue & Foggy Brain so they can get back to their lives, spend quality time with their family & pursue their passions

Hosted by Dr Mark Dailey, Founder of Fibromyalgia University & President of Birmingham Functional Medicine


Fibro Freedom Formula

Discover the 3 step system that helps women reduce fibro flares, fatigue & foggy brain so they can get back to their lives, spend quality time with their family & pursue their passions

In this Masterclass, I’ll share: 

 The  2 underlying conditions that 80% of women with Fibro have in common and how to eliminate them (This can reduce PAIN, GAS & BLOATING)

✅·        What many doctors unintentionally miss when they treat Fibro and how it can affect patient outcome

✅ ·       The Johns Hopkins study that reveals the central cause of brain fog and depression     and how that study may benefit Fibro sufferers

✅ ·   The Multiple Roots of Fibro and the place they thrive (It’s Not What You Think)

✅·           My personal struggle with Fibro and how it helped Reduce Pain and Improve the lives of many women across the nation

BIO: Dr. Mark Dailey is a certified functional medicine practitioner, a nutritional counselor, President of Birmingham Functional Medicine, founder of Fibromyalgia University 

Dr. Dailey is most well known for helping women suffering with Fibromyalgia to Reduce Fibro Flares, Brain Fog while increasing Energy Exponentially

This is for women who are struggling with Fibromyalgia and want to reduce pain & brain fog while increasing energy so RSVP now to get started!

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